In order to perform magic, you need to be enchanted yourself first.

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Cleareaching said...

The Magician is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards in the Tarot deck. It represents taking an active involvement in life. More than that, however, it indicates that when we allow ourselves to be a conduit for a higher power, we are able to connect with a divine source through our actions here in the material world. In this way, we can bring spiritual energy into our lives here on the Earthly plane.
Many of the world’s greatest artists have said that they do not “create” their art; they just “transcribe” what they have been inspired to write, paint, compose, or sculpt. The Magician assures us that this is possible for every one of us. When we act upon inspiration from a higher source, we become empowered by the Divine to manifest that inspiration on the physical plane, regardless of how mundane our efforts may seem. And whenever we intend for our actions to be a spiritual undertaking, we infuse a bit of the Sacred into their results. The question then becomes, how can we perceive divine inspiration and find our way along our spiritual path?